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In The News: UK Newspaper The Mirror stories Yosemite Rainbow

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

The United Kingdom newspaper The Mirror wrote a story about the rare moment in October that happened on a windy morning up at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California.

A friend and I brought a single stove burner, a french press, and some espresso. Lucky we did, it allowed us to spend some extra time at the location. We woke up about an hour before sunrise around 6AM and headed up from our campsite inYosemite Valley to Glacier Point to watch the sunrise behind the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We made the coffee and relaxed for awhile post sunrise, when around 9AM, colors starting appearing on Yosemite Falls. It started out red, then worked its way through the spectrum. I had my camera gear ready and was able to capture the phenomenon.

Brought on by special circumstances, mainly the high winds, I have never seen an image or video of the falls quite like this. A 2,415 foot full spectrum rainbow.

The Mirror story is available at this link:

I was able to time-lapse the rainbow, video of the phenomenon is posted here:

Thanks to Michael Scott of Cater's News for reaching out via National Geographic to write the story. Also, thanks for spelling color in such a British way. "Colour."

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